Case Study

7 years old Warrah Kamara was raped by a 34 years old man in her community. Warrah was in so much pain when U can do it foundation, team came to her add. She was diagnosed with chronic pelvic pain, vaginitis and uncontrolled urination due to the result of the rape. The organization support Warrah with medical bills,schooling, and she has recovered fully.

Ragiatu Kamara aged 16, (sitting in the middle) her mother is deceased. She lives with her biological father in the slums of Sierra Leone. At age 14 she was raped by her father repeatedly. At aged 16 she was pregnat by her father who forced her in doing abortion. Ragiatu story is one of many. Our dedicated staff have been working with her since her ordeal to find comfort. U can do it foundation support her with medical bills, food provision,schooling and justice was served.

My name is Assanatu Saidu, I am a 20 year old physically challenged girl presently living on the street market with my mother who is also physically disabled. I was not born with a disability. It all happened after the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone when I started having health problems which lead to my disability with both feet. Before I met with Madam Josephine Kamara who is the founder of U CAN DO IT FOUNDATION Sierra Leone my condition was deteriorating because of my living condition, I was suffering from malaria, typhoid and pneumonia. The team at U can do it foundation made all arrangement for me to be admitted at Connaught hospital where I underwent medical treatment & receive blood transfusion, all expenses was paid by U can do it foundation .Two weeks after been in the hospital I felt that I was not treated fairly by the staff at the hospital, I complained to the organization and was transferred to a private hospital at JOI (Med venue hospital) in the eastern part of Freetown by the organization,I was admitted for one months . I am grateful for all the support from U can do it foundation , they took me to Connaught and a private hospital paid all bills and supported me and my mother with food .Presently I have fully recovered and I am very happy now that I can move around with my wheelchair. Due to successfully completing treatments and support provided by “U can do it foundation .