About Us

Our Belief

We stop at nothing to ensure our women & girls succeed through the delivery of quality services, genuine hearts & a listening ear.

Our Vision

Working hand-in-hand with women & girls who are vulnerable, to deliver lasting change.

Our Values

  • Championing Champions
  • To work sensitively with every vulnerable woman & girls to look beyond their challenges and to see the beauty that can arise from out of the ashes.
  • Empowering women & girls to understand and overcome their challenges despite the complexities of their needs.
  • Providing the enabling environment for every individual to release their full potential and take up their right to positively contribute to society.

Our Mission

Passionately turning the hopes & dreams of vulnerable women & girls, into reality. Regardless of the complexities of their needs.

Upholding our Integrity & Keeping our Promises.

  • Honouring our commitment to building trust & confidence by doing what we say we will do, at all times.
  • Raising the spirit of excellence & our standard of care through continuous training & development of our staff.
  • Respecting the rights and wishes of every individual through dealing with them sensitively, in privacy and with the dignity which they deserve.
  • Improving the quality of lives of every citizen regardless of their physical, mental or emotional needs, is everyone's responsibility. At U Can Do It Foundation, we ensure that everyone lives up to their responsibilities without fear or prejudice.

Protecting the Voiceless

  • We will always strive to secure the best interests of those living with special needs and vulnerable women & girls.
  • Advocating for continuous improvements to the social, legal and economic frameworks of society, specifically as they relate to the lives and experiences of those with learning disabilities and severely challenged women & girls.
  • Safeguarding, effectively managing risk and adhering to the highest levels of best practice, so as not to compound the challenges already faced by our service users.