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Responding to COVID-19

The world is on standstill during this pandemic, life is more challenging than ever before. Basic necessities have always been an issue for developing countries especially for the vulnerable women and children. During the lock down of Covid-19 it is reported that rape cases increased towards a manor. Our organisation planned to fight for justice, provided counselling, medical support and most of all accommodation for the victims to remove the girls from their perpetrators and to avoid stigmatization from their communities. This new accommodation will be a safe place for them where they will learn occupational skills to enhance their future life. However, it will be almost impossible to do these without your kind and generous donation. Your donation could be in cash or in kind.
Please be part of the force that will help make a difference in the life of vulnerable children.
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What we do


UCDIF fight gender-based violence against women and girls in the community, through serialization, date collection. Over the years we have been providing psychosocial counselling, medical support, food provision and court fee to beneficiaries. Every first and second week of each month we provide workshops on gender-based violence including parental classes in the community. Our aim is to make sure that women and girls are safe in their community, free from violence, poverty, discrimination and hope for a brighter future.

Home of hope for the survivors of gender violence

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